Terms & Conditions

Timeless Life Casting & Keepsakes



  1. This contract is between Timeless Life Casting & Keepsakes (We, Us, Our) and the Client (You, Your).

  2. Any booking for our casting services (including the payment of a deposit) is subject to these terms and conditions so you should notify us of any queries prior to making a booking.




  1. There is a minimum non-refundable retainer for your bookings of £20 for studio bookings and £50 for wedding bookings due to secure your booking.




  1. Newborn bookings can be made as soon as you have a due date, I get rather busy so the sooner you can book the better.

  2. Upon payment of the deposit we will arrange an appointment for your casting. You are encouraged to let us know if you have any special requirements so that we can try to help you with them.

  3. If you need to rearrange you must let us know immediately. Although we cannot guarantee our availability for your rearranged date, we will always do our best. I do ask for minimum 72 hours notice to cancel your original booking.

  4. The agreed fee for your casting must be paid at the time of your casting. If you fail to make payment your booking will be null and void and you will not receive your retainer back.


Prices and Payments


  1. Our prices are extremely competitive and all prices are made available to you before booking.

  2. There are no hidden fees.

  3. Payment can be sent via instant bank transfer, Paypal or cash and your booking will be not be valid until the retainer has been made. After you have confirmed your preferred payment method, we will provide full details.




  1. We will always try to work co-operatively with person(s) being casted but the behaviour and co-operation is not our responsibility. Please ensure that your party are aware that the success of casting depends on this.

  2. Guests taking their own photographs should be encouraged not to interfere with the process.


Images and Artistic Input


  1. We aim to ensure that the casting(s) are of the highest artistic merit so will discuss and agree with you how best to present your casting at time of booking.

  2. When you book our services you are paying for the planning, artistic input, materials, expertise and delivery of high quality products.

  3. We may take a second casting of your cast for promotional purposes this will be discussed beforehand with consent from the party.

  4. Our process involves a exact replica of the subject matter and therefore blemishes and physical disabilites cannot be altered.

  5. We aim to have cast completed and presented to you within a five to seven week turnaround time frame. Please be aware that the drying process takes a minimum of four weeks and then many days work to finish preparing your cast. We want your cast to be perfect, not rushed.

  6. We request that if you distribute photographs of our work you make known that they were created by Timeless Life Casting & Keepsakes.

  7. Unless you state otherwise, we are entitled to use images taken at time of your casting as marketing images, for example, on social media and at trade events.



Limitation of Liability


  1. If for any reason we cannot make a previously agreed appointment, we will notify you as soon as practicable to offer either a full refund of your retainer or a re-scheduled appointment at no extra cost.

  2. If your casting is lost by us, stolen from us or damaged in our possession, we will book you for a recast or full refund.



Privacy and Data Protection


  1. We ask you to confirm your consent for us to store your name, address and contact details so that we may contact you for any reason, including future marketing initiatives. We will not share your personal data with third parties unless we have your consent or we are required to do so by law.

  2.  By signing the declaration below you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined above.



Returns Policy

I do not accept returns on personalised castings. I will not be held liable for any damage caused to the casting or frames/ plinths after leaving my premises.