The Sibling hand initial frame is a beautiful, simple yet elegant way to display both siblings together. Something to proudly display and look back on over many years to come.

Each cast is incredibly unique and yet so recognisable and dear to you. These moments will soon pass and be forgotten and as wonderful as photos are, you cannot feel the finest of details or gauge the exact size they once were. The Sibling Frame is a simple yet elegant frame that consists of:

# Hand cast of each sibling, you could also add feet too.

# Choice of colour to finish your life casts in

# Choice of frame and mount colour to match your decor

# Photo you would like in your frame.

The layout of the frame can be exactly how you want it and you can have a photo for each child or just a joint one.

Casts are taken separately but grouped and mounted together. Price starts from £150 for 2 siblings hands and will differ depending on children’s ages and how many siblings. Please use the chat now button to get a quote.

Timeless offers a complete bespoke service so we can design your frame to suit you and to fit in with your family home decor. All frames and mounts are displayed in the studio for you to choose from. Additional frame upgrades are available. Engraved plaques are an additional £5 each.

Sibling Photo Frame