Freestanding Life casts make a perfect display piece for a shelf or fireplace. This is gorgeous with mummy/daddy or grandparent and me. The photo pictured is a Great great grandma with her 3 year old great great granddaughter. They have an incredible bond and the girls mum wanted something to cherish that and an heirloom that her daughter to keep. This freestanding adult & hands entwined is a beautiful display and comes with:

# 1x Adult and 1 childs Hands Entwined

# Choice of colour to finish your life casts in

# Choice of base to mount your lifecast on

# Engraved plaque

We have a variety of bases and sizes to choose from.

Price starts from £90 for 1 newborn and 1 adult. Price depends on the age of the child. Please use the chat now button for a personal quote.

Freestanding Adult & Child Lifecast