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If you’re after a perfect finish to show the smallest of intricate detail such as the belly button (which plaster bandages do not do show) then a deluxe smooth alginate casting is what you are after. With this type of casting it will show the finest of detail and looks fab with a hand or two or three or four placed nicely over and under the bump showing all details of the hand/s, any rings, veins and nails.

Castings are great to take as close to full term as possible around 36/37 weeks and is completely safe, however anytime from 30 weeks is fine too but of course the bigger the bump the more effective so 36/37 weeks is perfect.


Price displayed is for just the bump and 2 hands. Please contact us for a quote if you are wanting bump and breasts plus extra hands. Decorating can be mosiac/material or paint at an additional cost. 


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Detailed Bump Cast