Pregnancy Casting

If you want to capture precious memories of your pregnancy belly bump then this is for you.

We offer pregnant belly casts, also known as prenatal casts and the final casting is a totally unique gift that can often be the centrepiece of your home and conversations.

The ideal time to have your belly cast created is between 36 or 37 weeks, but we can often accomodate earlier or later weeks than this. The process is entirely safe and involves laying wet plaster bandages or alginate moulding material over the pregnant torso


The casts can be left plain or decorated (please enquire about decoration options), and make the perfect gift or keepsake for your family to treasure forever. It’s your choice whether to just have your belly, or include your own hands, breasts, or possibly your partners hands too. 

Prices you see are starting from. Please read the descriptions for more pricing information.