My First Year in Business

This has been a very long year full of happy moments and many worries and fears so i shall take you back right to the start.

Timeless started out as an extension of my previous business, Bespoke Gifts. I started out making personalised gifts at home in my conservatory whilst on maternity leave and struggling with post natal depression. I really wanted to excel in the keepsake world and showcase my products so i contacted Jane at Jane Louise Photography to discuss working together to help promote each other...... and the rest is history.

Within 4 months we had secured a premises on the High Street in Clay Cross, Chesterfield, which we still share to this day. This is where Timeless became a bit more than a dream. During these months i spent a lot of time re searching and training to get 3d life casting apart of my business. I knew i needed something more than the gifts to cover the new overheads and being a life castor was a dream i'd had for a long time and i knew now was the time to make it a reality. Training and practice was intense. I am very particular and every cast has to be perfect, after-all the end result is forever, a heirloom, eternal. IT HAS TO BE PERFECT.

Studio Photography by Jane Louise Photography

Many people ask me. Why life casting? well for me its about being able to cherish certain things in life that mean so much to us. Babies grow up fast, people sadly pass away (i have had a few losses myself and would have loved to be able to have an entwined hand with them) what i can do is take these moments, milestones, love, age and make them timeless. I get to freeze that moment in time so we can remember how tiny and wrinkly those feet were or the loved between a grandchild and grandparent. It's being able to create a heirloom and something physical that is an exact replica, something photography cannot achieve (even though i love photography too).

These were my first ever life sculptures. And i was amazed at the end result. On videos and tutorials and adverts on home casts, they make it look like they come out perfect every time. This is NOT the case. Many hours went into these to make the end result perfect.

I kept the lifecasting under wraps for the first few months whilst i borrowed all my friends and family's children to practice and perfect my techniques. I finally revealed the casting on my open day in January 2019. The event was amazing, lots of people came through the doors to support us and i took 6 bookings that day!

Throughout the first year, I had some really good highs from receiving excellent reviews to coming up with new options and products. I was nominated and made finalist for 2 awards for the Derbyshire Times Business of Excellence Awards. This was a huge deal for me. I never expected to even make the final, never mind to get all dressed up and attend the event. I also finally sourced a local framer after i spent months battling my own thoughts about having to increase prices if i did. In the end i decided it was the right move for me and my business and would allow a much more bespoke service.

I have struggled with anxiety and confidence since having my son. I spent a lot of time worrying if my customers would like their lifecast sculptures, i worried about not being able to pay the studio rent, i worried no one would be interested in my work but my business has allowed me to feel pride and a sense of achievement. I have slowly pushed myself out of my comfort zone and tackled issues as they arrive head on. Having a sense of worth along with ambition and a need to provide a better life for my son, has allowed my first year in business to be successful.

I am really excited about my second year in business and have a lot of new ideas in the pipeline which i cannot wait to show you all. The studio has been redecorated with a gorgeous new look which i hope you will all like.

This years most popular life sculptures have been newborns, siblings and partners entwined hands.

Keep your eyes peeled for my next blog.

Thank you and see you soon



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