Timeless Life Casting Process

Here at Timeless, we pride ourselves in providing an outstanding service. From the moment you book your session to receiving the final finished Casting, we aim to make it a special, memorable experience. 

You can book your life casting appointment for your 3d casting several ways either online, by telephone, email or social media.

If you cannot find a time or date suitable for you, please contact me using one of the above methods and i will do my best to accommodate you. 

All my bookings are currently mobile where I will attend your house for our casting session.

COVID 19 -UPDATE - Please only have people living in the household present at the time of the booking.

All my equipment is cleaned thoroughly in between each session and I will wear a mask throughtout. I will use antibacterial gel before i start, during and after our session. Please contact me if you are showing any signs or need to self isolate and we will re-arrange your session. 

We will go through the process first before we make a start. 

Please do not worry if your child is a little wriggly. If i am not happy with the cast then we will do another one.


The entire session can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on how many casts are taken or how many people are being casted.

We will go through all the frame, mount and cast colours and you can choose the selection to match your decor. You can lay them together to see how they mix and get a real feel of the overall finish.

The moulds will be taken back to the studio where they will be casted, de-moulded and left to dry out before I start work on them. On average you will receive your finished cast 4-6 weeks from your casting day.

Timeless Life Casting. Est January 2019