Framing and Luxury and VIP Extras

Timeless offers a wide range of frames to allow our service to be completely bespoke. Some are fresh, modern elegant and some are traditional and bold. You can match your frame to your baby's nursery decor or to be a main attraction in your living room or even in the hallway.

All of our frames are made locally and are on a made to order process. This allows us to ensure the quality of the frames are to a very high standard. 

We have a Timeless range that is priced in with your casting and also a LUXURY and VIP range that you can upgrade too. We regularly update and change our frames to stay modern and with the times.

forever smiles frame range.png

The Timeless range is our standard frame range that comes with any framed casting. 

You will see a mix of woods, standard black and white, grey's, silver and a thin blue/pink option.

cherished love frame range.png

This is our LUXURY range that you can upgrade too for an additional £15

Some off the frames are slightly larger than the Timeless range and have a beautiful finish too them.  

timeless memories frame range.png

This is our VIP range that you can upgrade too for an additional £30

These frames are much larger and have more intricate detail to them. They suit larger family or sibling castings.

Mounts and Background Colours

We offer a range of colours for you to chose from for the backing of your frame and the front mount.

You can create a double mount effect for your front mount by upgrading. Prices start from £5 depending on the size of your frame. 

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LED Lights

Add LED lights into your frame to give it that extra special look in the evening. The lights are battery operated and come in warm white, cool white and multicolour. The battery box is secretly attached to the side of the backbox of your frame making it easily accessible yet discreet. LED Lights start from £5 or are FREE with any VIP frame purchase.

without lights.png
without lights 2.png