Baby and Child Casting

Every parent knows how precious those first few years are and how alarmingly quickly they pass. Before you know it, they will be demanding the latest designer phone or asking to borrow the car. So why not preserve this precious moment in time now and create a unique sculpture with the finest details right down to the texture of the baby’s skin.


Each cast is incredibly unique and yet so recognisable and dear to you. These moments will soon pass and be forgotten and as wonderful as photos are, you cannot feel the finest of details or gauge the exact size they once were.


Baby hand and foot castings was first made popular in Britain by Queen Victoria, who commissioned casts of all her grandchildren of which can still be seen today in the V&A museum, and now are the most well known and popular forms of life casting today. The ability to freeze a fleeting moment in time and capture it in stone is just beyond compare.


Hand and foot casts can be done at any age so don’t worry if you think your child to too old for a casting session, there is no cut of date and no one ever regrets capturing those precious fingers and toes in a personal casting session.


Here at Timeless, we cast from newborn right through to adult whether it be parents, grandparents, aunty's and uncles and from a single or mixed generation lifecast sculpture. A combination of old and young in a mixed generation cast or an older sibling holding hands with their new baby brother or sister, makes a most wonderful pairing, capturing not only the hands and details but the most rewarding and precious bond between them.

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