About Me 

Hi, my name is Dawn and pictured with me is my amazing son. I am the owner and creator of Timeless Life Casting and Jewellery. 

Timeless is an independent keepsake business, based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. I am currently offering mobile services in and around Derbyshire, please contact me to ensure I cover your area. 

What do I do?

# 3D LIfe Casting

# 2D Stone Outprints

Timeless has recently expanded and now also creates a range of memorial jewellery from 925 Sterling Silver. Please click the jewellery page for more information.

My Skills


Friendly Service

You will always be greeted with a warm friendly welcome.




I have a large amount of knowledge in my specialism, however learning is never ending.


Ability to Adapt

Being able to adapt to suit the needs of children and adults of all ages and abilities is extremely important as a life castor to achieve the best results.

Fully Trained Life Casting Specialist

I'm a fully trained life castor and a member of the keepsake guild where i have a code of practice to adhere to.

Why Choose Me?

Bespoke Framing

I use a local framer who produces high quality frames, offering a bespoke service to suit your home decor.

High Grade Materials

All materials used are of the highest grade from the 100% safe, non toxic, biodegradable mold to the bespoke framing, paint and wax used.

Professional Skills

The Timeless Team pride ourselves in being caring and friendly . We will try our very best to make you fell comfortable and at ease throughout the whole process.

Skill, Dedication, Love

All casts are handmade and worked on with complete love,care and attention. Our highly skilled team will ensure each cast is meticulousley tidied, any tiny imperfections caused by air bubbles are cared for, all casts are hand sanded, painted and waxed.  

Mobile Bookings

I offer a fully mobile service either at your home, in the hospital,hospice or even care home.

Children Friendly

I will bring a small selection of children’s toys with me to distract them during the casting. We also adapt to each individual child/person needs to ensure a happy fun session.

Timeless Life Casting. Est January 2019