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Covid 19 Update. We are currently CLOSED for life casting BUT still OPEN for memorial Jewellery

Today's memories become tomorrows heirlooms


Dawn, your Timeless Life Casting Specialist

Welcome to Timeless life casts - home of body cast sculptures and memorial jewellery created and handmade by Dawn Collyer. At Timeless,we pride ourselves in creating some of the most beautiful life cast sculptures, each one being as unique as you are. 

Timeless Life casts became a finalist in 2 categories for the Derbyshire Times Business of Excellence Awards in it's first year of trading, so you know that you and your loved ones are in safe, capable and caring hands throughout the whole process and leaving with not just a beautiful work of art to be cherished for generations but some wonderful, fun and happy memories. Check out our awesome customer testimonials.

Our most popular castings are baby hand and foot casts, couple casts, family group casts, pregnant belly casts and dog paw casts. We also cater for other body casting including baby bums casts, boob casts, lip casts and memorial hand casts.

Timeless uses only the highest grades of materials available, from the bespoke framing to the 100% safe, non toxic and biodegradable molding product. We can capture babies hand and foot casts straight from birth at the hospital. 

Whether you just want some artistic fun or a beautiful lasting keepsake, Timeless Life Casting is the best choice to create the most precious gift you could ever give yourself or your loved ones. 

Today's memories become tomorrows heirlooms.

All life is beautiful, immortilise and cherish your best bits today.

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Timeless Life Casting. Est January 2019